• First public S60 5th Edition Course

    staircase13 successfully presented our new UI Programming for Symbian/S60 5th Edition course in November. This is the first of a series of new courses being developed for the Symbian Foundation platform.

    For more details look at our course lists

  • Vlingo release their cutting edge mobile voice recognition software for the Nokia N97

    Vlingo have released their voice recognition software, developed in conjunction with staircase13. staircase13 were chosen for this project due to their long track record of successfully bringing commercial quality S60 applications to market.

    Look at our product development pages for ideas on how we can help you.

  • staircase13 announce new S60 5th Edition UI course

    staircase13 are in the process of developing a full set of new course materials to meet the changing needs of Symbian Foundation members as the platform differentiates from the previous Symbian/S60 platform. This course presents an interim solution for developers working with released S60 devices and preparing for new Symbian Foundation devices.

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