Symbian Internals and Device Driver Programming


A 4-day course combining the content from the Symbian Internals & Device Driver Programming courses into one. A 4-day hands-on workshop aimed at advanced developers and engineers who want to understand all aspects of the symbian kernel, device drivers, and porting and deploying ROMs for Symbian based phones. Key topics include:

  • architecture and operation of the kernel
  • the application interface to kernel services
  • debugging mechanisms for working with hardware
  • the file system
  • ROM building
  • the device driver model
  • interacting with the interrupt and DML frameworks within Symbian
  • understanding the power management framework
  • writing a simple device driver
  • running the device driver on hardware
  • the base porting process


  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Pre-requisites: Good working knowledge of the platform from an application development perspecive, or base engineering experience on another platform
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