New to Symbian?

The following courses are suitable for developers with no previous experience of Symbian. A large part of these courses is devoted to practical sessions so a working knowledge of software development practices and C++ is required.

  • Symbian Fundamentals (3 days)

  • Symbian Fundamentals & Systems Programming (5 days)

  • Symbian Fundamentals & S60 UI Programming (5 days)

Non Developers

Non technical course suitable for non-programmers.

  • Symbian Platform Overview (1 day)


Intermediate Courses

  • S60 5th Edition UI Programming (3 days)

  • Symbian Systems Programming (3 days)

  • Symmetric Multi-Processing for the Symbian platform (1 day)

  • Symbian Platform Security (1 day)

Specialist Courses

  • Symbian Internals (2 days)

  • Symbian Device Driver Programming (2 days)

  • Symbian Internals & Device Driver Programming (4 days)

Symbian Foundation